What is a synagogue? It’s a place where we engage with our community, and learn about God together.

We aim to create an inclusive space for people to engage with Judaism, and an intellectually stimulating place for us to modernize Judaism.

Our stances

Gender and Kabbalah.

We seek to modernize the Jewish notions of gender for a trans affirming future. There are 6 genders in Judaism. We accept each and every one as valid.

Interfaith Marriage

We strongly support interfaith marriage and relationships. We do not believe interfaith marriage diminishes our faith, and instead value the shared perspectives we gain.

Anti Racist

We are an anti racist temple. This means we consider the impact of our words, and more so our actions. We aim to support all Jews, and center Jews of Color. For example, our Rabbi and a board member went to Tijuana to help marry refugees, to help their asylum cases.

If we create a school, we will not discriminate racially in any way whatsoever.

Let’s build something together.

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